Dear friends and lovers of ballet,

From September 4, we are waiting for all of you to attend ballet classes! Contact form here>>

Aleszja Popova and Vladimir Arhangelski Dance Studio built on the values of Hungarian and classic international ballet and grounded in historic group dance, and classical and modern ballet.

All dance-lover children are welcome from the age of 5!
Our studio helps to develop well-coordinated movement and superb dance ability, sense of rhythm, right posture.
Dance is one of the most ancient forms of art, which many people have encountered in their lives – some watching and others taking part themselves, and in both cases giving pleasure to all!
The art of dance is extremely complex; while dancing we are influenced by factors such as music, melody, rhythm, and precise and fine movements, which all result in a unique, poetical composition.
A wonderful connection comes alive between the composers, the author, the dancers and the audience. At these times the performance can touch us so deeply that it becomes a cathartic experience.
“The romantic ballet method was conceived by male maestros. Little flying movements and the illusion of fairy-like fluttering, incredible lingering jumps and long holds on tip-toes only appeared after women came into prominence in ballet. From that moment on, male dance-partners chose to take a supporting role in order to serve the eternal feminine ideal. None was able to stay neutral when observing his incredible floating, but while his admirers tried to convince the audience that this is a talent that one is born with, we artists were amazed by his techniques. He took us with him towards the ground. I fought back my tears when watching him dancing. As if I was watching Terpszilhoré himself. .”/Auguste Bournonville: Terpszilhoré the muse of dance in the Greek Mythology.

To dance regularly improves the body’s physical condition and strengthens and protects the soul. It develops willpower, stamina, a feeling for beauty and a love of culture. It also promotes interest in other areas of the arts. It teaches you to believe in yourself and enhances improvisation skills and imagination.
If there is an opportunity to do so, we would like our children and teachers to give a wonderful, exhilarating performance of their choreography on stage, to show what what they have learnt during the year.  At the end of each school year we would like to fascinate you with a wonderful, cheerful performance of choreographies on the stage to show the progress were made during the term.

Adults are very welcome too, as it is never too late to begin!

Our dance teaching is based on the foundation of classical ballet, which is the root of all types of dance.

Сlasses are held. – Budapest 11ker. Nádorliget u. 5 / b. In building – Liget Wellnes és Fitness.

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